Saturday, October 27, 2018

Easy English.

Who is a Ticket examiner?One who checks the ticket.

What is an unreserved Bogie or Coach?Where you can travel with an unreserved ticket.

Where can you reserve your Railway ticket? In the station reservation counter.

What special form is required for reserving Railway tickets? A printed form with details.Name Age Train number Starting from Destination date Concession required etc.

Can you reserve train ticket in unreserved counter? No.

When is it convenient to buy tickets from un-reserved counter? When there is no crowd.

Can you travel in any train without buying a ticket? No.
What are the berths in a Railway compartment?
The berths are upper/middle/ lower and side berths.
Who blows the whistle and show the green flag /light for the train to move? The Guard.

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